Scottish Country Dance Week in Prague


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                            in Prague

                       August 2 - 8, 1998

                          Ron Wallace,
                       Veronica Fergusson
                       Murielle Johnston


We are a dance organization in the Czech Republic specializing in
promoting American, English and Scottish country dances. We arrange
regular evenings, weekends and weeks of these dances. The Scottish
dances were at first just a part of other programmes, but later, as the
interest in the Scottish dances rose among the Czech dance enthusiasts,
we organized Scottish Country Dance Weekends in 1994 to 1997. There were
about 100 participants, about half Czech and half from abroad, at each
of them.

Now, after discussions with the participants of the previous weekends,
we have decided to present a week-long dance workshop of Scottish dances
in Prague. Ron Wallace and Veronica Fergusson, renowned dance masters of
Scottish dances, have been to Prague before to teach our dancers and
they both gladly accepted our invitation for the next year. Their
presence is a guarantee of high quality of the lessons. We at Dvorana
will do our best to prepare a rich programme and show you the beauty of
Prague, our capital.

Dance lessons and accommodation will be just outside the city centre in
Prague 6 - Veleslavin. Lessons will held in the dance hall "Aritma" and
in a nearby school gymnasium, both walking distance from hotel Krystal or
campsite Dzban.

August 2
17:00 - 19:00 arrivals, registration, check-in, social dance evening

August 3-7
classes, evenings optional programmes or social dance evenings, 2 half
days sightseeing with professional guide

August 8

The course is suitable for beginners as well as for advanced dancers.
Classes will be held separately for beginners and for advanced. It is
also possible to make use of the opportunity to visit Prague before or
after Dance Week by booking accommodation in the same hotel. See extra

Ron Wallace
After 25 years of teaching and 35 years of performing, Ron sees an ever
increasing need to explore the traditional as well as the contemporary
aspects of Scottish arts. His teaching spans all ages and levels, and
averages 500 classes a year locally and abroad. Through a selection
process, he has tutored candidates (potential teachers) in the Twin
Cities Branch (Minnesota) as well as in the San Francisco Branch. His
workshops include quite a variety of subjects: Scottish Country,
Highland, Step, English, Welsh, Cape Breton Step and teachers seminars.

Veronica Fergusson
Veronica started dancing in Glasgow before she was born. Later on she
received a more formal education in SCD children's class in The Hague.
Sponzored by the Basel Scottish Dance Group she received her full
Certicificate as a teacher for SCD in St. Andrews in 1987, and has since
lived, taught, danced and performed on both sides of the Atlantic. Her
special interest lies in the history of Scottish Dancing . Veronica
currently lives with her husband and two children near Munich.

COURSE ............................. $175
Includes classes, sightseeing, social dancing on the August 2 and August

Category A - 6 nights in the hotel*** Krystal in rooms with own
facilities, buffet breakfasts
double room ........................ $150
single room ........................ $244
Category B - 6 nights in the campsite "Dzban"
bungalow or hostel 4 beds room ..... $66
own tent or caravan $42
6 dinners in the hotel Krystal ..... $45

Children up to age of 15 and other accompanying family members who are
not participating in the dance programme will pay only the costs of

It is possible to extend the stay in Prague. All you need to do is to
include the dates of your arrival and departure in your registration
form. We will arrange your accommodations with breakfast for these
individual days, but without any programme.

Prices for extra nights in US$
hotel Krystal
- single room ........ $41
- double room ........ $25
campsite Dzban
- bungalow/hostel .... $11
- own caravan/tent ... $7

Please send your applications no later than June 30, 1998. Applications
sent after that date should be confirmed at the same time by telephone,
so that we may immediately inform you whether accommodation is still
Include your name, address, phone/fax number and category of
accommodation and meals.
Along with your application, kindly send a cheque made payable to
DVORANA for $70. One cheque may cover the deposit of more than one
person. If you cancel your participation after July 10, no refunds can
be made.
As soon as we receive your application and deposit, we will send you a
written confirmation and more detailed information about the programme,
accommodation and transport to the hotel, etc. The balance is payable
after arrival either in cash or by check in US$, Czech crowns or any
convertible currency according to the applicable exchange rate.

Send your applications to:
- or -
Spanielova 1275
CZ-163 00 Praha 6
Czech Republic
tel: ++420-2-302 1330
fax: ++420-2-301 8267
For more information visit our website at:

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