Music Links

Here are some links to interesting WWW resources to do with Scottish dance music. Feel free to suggest sites that I have missed so far.

Claims to be »the home of celtic music on the Internet«. Not bad at all. Contains lots of tunes, artist information, reviews, regional information and so on, as well as many links to other interesting WWW sites.
The Fiddler's Companion
A huge encyclopedia of fiddle tunes from the Celtic, British and American traditions (30000 approximately). By Andrew Kuntz. Includes notes, anecdotes and in many cases the tunes themselves in ABC notation. This is a wonderful resource and not just for fiddlers, either.
Toby Rider's site, »dedicated to the performance, preservation, and appreciation of the traditional Gaelic music of Scotland and North America«. Lots of interesting articles but maybe tends to give a little too much weight to the fallacy that Cape Breton music is the only type of Scottish music worth bothering about.
Highland Music Trust
This is a charity based in Inverness promoting Scottish fiddle music. Its web site offers Balnain House books for sale, such as the recently republished Athole Collection, as well as other high-quality republications of old fiddle music collections.
This web site offers sheet music of tunes by various contemporary and traditional Scottish composes at £0.50 a pop (some free tunes available). Tunes are made available for download in Sibelius Scorch format, i.e., Windows and Mac only.
A Django site.